In 2013, Roof celebrates its 20th anniversary. 20 years under the banner of innovation, creativity and passion. The passion of one man, Claude Morin, and of a whole team for the motorcycling world. Since 1993, ROOF has continued to innovate, to surprise, to think outside the box in order to constantly make the motorcycling practice more exciting. The brand is characterized by its creativity, originality and the constant development of new concepts in favor of the safety and comfort of users. The research and the creation of revolutionary technical concepts, the use of original innovating materials and the design of helmets to new and original forms in line with the technical requirements of the product and its use, copy quality workmanship are essential elements of ROOF philosophy: being a pioneer and anticipate, developing and inventing, imagining the helmets of tomorrow and participating proactively in the development of an entire sector.

Today, ROOF innovates one more time with DESMO, first full-face helmet 100% versatile which opens a new way for the rider protection, but also with COOPER, smart jet helmet soon available in shops. The helmet is entering a new era…welcome to the future!

For all these years, ROOF has become an iconic brand carried by a few key products that you can discover or rediscover here !



ROADSTER : First helmet marketed by ROOF in 1993, it quickly became a success thanks to its technical qualities but especially thanks to its original look . It’s the first motorcycle helmet to be equipped with a visor ”window”, a feature that makes school today.
Moreover, it already proposed a removable Pilot Mask offering protection against the weather and pollution. Roadster, a living legend still available in the catalog.





BOXER is undoubtedly the most iconic helmet of the brand. Sold in its First released in 1995,  thanks to many improvements,it survived the generations and remains a benchmark in the category of modular helmets. It is the first to propose a 180 ° rotating chin for controlled aerodynamic configuration Jet. First helmet to have obtained dual certification Jet & Integral BOXER remains today one of the best selling product…





REBEL : First full-face helmet of the brand released just after BOXER Insolent design, totally round, ensuring exceptional protection, this helmet is  a big success in Great Britain where it became a benchmark in its category. Among other qualities, REBEL had a original lock screen offering the possibility to adjust the pressure on the seal. With only 1150 grams on the scale, REBEL has laid the foundation for future development of  the full face helmets of the brand. Today their following models are called RO10 and PANTHER.



SPHAIR : Added to its known protective qualities, SPHAIR, presented in 2006, is the first helmet to be equipped with an interchangeable antipollution filter mask associated with a compound movement of the screen allowing an automatic adaptation of the mask to the user’s morphology. Charged to limit the entry of damageable dust which disturbs riders face on a daily basis and thus preserve the users’health, the mask SPHAIR allows to limit these invisible damages including the original protection against impacts/shocks, a protection of riders’ breathing problems.
Still innovating, Roof adds a protection of the respiratory health to the original protect against impacts.