Stylmartin, an Italian company, is a designer and maker of footwear for motorcycle racing, street riding, touring, and for everyday living.

Stylmartin are a historic Italian motorcycle brand but, like many clothing and footwear brands that were famous in the fifties and sixties, the company went into decline. In 2005, the Stylmartin business was acquired by a footwear specialist called Antis Footwear. Antis, starting with a fresh sheet, have created a range of motorcycling boots to meet the needs of just about every type of rider. Working from a new, state-of-the-art facility, the company has created a range of highly stylish and innovative boots that combine comfort with great technical performance.

Stylmartin produces some of the most technologically advanced footwear available. The company uses state of the art equipment and production techniques to produce some of the finest gear on the market.

With an impressive track record of outfitting top competitors, Stylmartin is no stranger to the winners circle. The company has made boots for many world championship winners, also many roadracers such as Eddie Lawson and John Kocinski, and motocross racer Trampas Parker. On the Irish road racing scene Derek Sheils is another name that trusts the Stylmartin brand

The Stylmartin name holds a special place in Italian racing folklore. Parent company Calzaturificio Antis is fully committed to re-establishing the Stylmartin brand as the first choice in motorcycling footwear for discerning riders.