Motorcycling is looking forward to the road ahead, excited to see what will be next. A great curve, a nice view? It’s all about experience and feelings. Macna is all about optimizing that experience and develops riding gear with innovative and clever solutions which make your ride more safe and comfortable. But still, Macna is always priced reasonably!

Macna is designed and developed in the Netherlands, with a team of seven full-time in-house designers to create the Macna product range. About 20 years ago we started with motorcycle gloves, soon afterward other product categories were added. We were one of the first manufacturers to produce our gloves with a waterproof membrane with a high-tech production method, resulting in a 30% more competitive price than its competitors. While still keeping durability at a high level.

The good price competitiveness and innovations have become core values, and is the major difference with all other motorcycle clothing brands. It has resulted in a quick growth for Macna and they became a market leader in the Netherlands quickly. From 2005 the worldwide presence increased by entering new markets all over the world. Currently Macna products are sold successfully in more than 60 different countries worldwide.


Over the years we have developed many unique solutions which have improved the safety, comfort and visibility for motorcyclists all over the world:

  • 2013 EN1150/EN471

    Spec-EN1150471SAFETY first EN 1150 – Visibility standard for non professional use. Each garment must consist of both background material, (luminous, such as yellow) and retro reflective materials. The background material provides day light visibility, whilst the retro reflective provides night time visibility, but also the amounts and set up of the …

  • 2012 Night Eye

    Spec-NightEye The revolutionary Night Eye technology will take the visibility of motorcyclists at night to a higher level. A normal grey colored outfit during day time, will light up like a traffic sign in a cars headlights during night time. Never before a motorcyclist was this good visible at night for …

  • 2006 Superfabric

    Spec-SuperfabricA high performance textile with a very high abrasion resistance. The special print gives it an abrasion resistance, exceeding the values of leathers. Because water is not absorbed it remains lightweight at all times. It makes this fabric highly suitable for reinforcements on all-weather textile products.

  • 2004 Summer Comfort System

    Spec-SummerComfortSystemAdapt to the weather in seconds. By simply unzipping the collar-part, a large mesh panel is unvealed which will let wind enter your jacket freely. If the weather conditions suddenly change, the collar part can be mounted within seconds.

  • 2002 Heatshield

    Spec-HeatshieldHeat resistant at the bottom. These Heatshields will prevent your pant from a melt down when accidentally touching your bike’s hot engine or exhaust pipe.

  • 2001 Vision Vest

    Spec-VisionvestInstant visibility. With its bright neon colour and large reflective parts it will boost your visibility day and night! The vest can be fixed onto the jacket through two integrated buckles and a build in zipper and can remain onto the jacket at all times. The Vision vest does not interfere …