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Eco friendly waterless product for complete motorcycle wash or car wash, used for a comprehensive cleaning for all external and internal parts of a car or a motorcycle.

* Vulcanet is a portable car wash, motorcycle wash. Now you can take your car wash, motorcycle wash everywhere and wash it everywhere, anytime. Without water, gloves, foam, pressure washers, hose or boots

* Revives exterior plastic and gives it back its original appearance.

* Removes insect traces from the radiator grills, the headlights and the windscreen

* Cleans the wheel rims without damaging alloys *Protects the bodywork by leaving a film resistant to dirt and water

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Product Description

Vulcanet -Washing Without Water

Washes Motorbikes Cars Boats without water. VULCANET, is the first complete wipe which does it all, one product which can be used for a comprehensive cleaning of all external and internal parts of cars, motorcycles, scooters and boats. The unique patent of the “multi-phase cleaning ‘and the development of a special machine for the impregnation of Vulcanet wipes leads to the following impressive results

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